For the best possible results, we prefer high resolution digital photos, 300kb or higher if possible. The larger the digital file, the better. If you are unsure about the resolution of your photo, don't worry. Send it to us and we will le you know if it is usable. We can enlarge higher resolution photos to find and recreate the smallest details.

If you have photo prints, please take them to a local photo processing store or kiosk and have them put on a CD. You can e-mail the digital image directly from the CD, or send the CD to us.

Selecting your Photo

For a beautiful oil painting, use the following guidelines to select your photo:

  1. Pick a photo you truly love.
  2. Make sure the photo is flattering to the subject.
  3. The picture should be in sharp focus. A blurry photo minimizes details.
  4. The subject and scene should be well lit and the photo should be bright.
  5. Eye color must clearly be visible. Photos often muddy eye colors.
  6. Hair color and style should be clearly visible.
  7. Close up shots offer better focus and more detail than shots where the subject is at a distance.
  8. Photos where the subject is at a slight angle as opposed to face on are better. This allows the painter to capture more depth of character.

Don't obsess over picking the perfect photo. The most important thing is that you love it and the subject agrees (if applicable). We will perform magic to enhance the best aspects of the picture and paint your subject in a flattering light. Most photos we receive do not meet all of the criteria.

When you send the photo, you may include details that the photo lacks, like eye or hair color. Describe the missing details as thoroughly as you can.

If you supply color details, we can turn black and white photos into color oil portraits. We can also remove unwanted subjects from the photos – if you have a beautiful shot of your daughter with a random stranger in the background,let us know and we'll leave him out. We can also merge two or more photos together, to bring people together in the portrait, for example several generations of family. There is no extra charge for adding people from different photos. Just make sure to give us complete instructions to create the oil portrait of your dreams.


About Majestic Paintings

Majestic paintings is a "mom and pop" shop that does custom artwork, oil paintings, and paintings from photos. We specialize in family portraits, animals portraits, and more. If you have a question about our work please send us a message here.



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