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The art and mastery of oil portraits has long been the gold standard to record family history. From rulers to presidents to family dynasties, artistic renderings have been valued for centuries. In the past, even the most impatient head of state was required to sit for hours to capture his true majesty. With today's high resolution images reproduced by a talented artist, Majestic Paintings offers the same quality and craftsmanship available to the elite ruling class at a tiny fraction of the cost and without the discomfort, expense, and inconvenience of sitting for a portrait.

At Majestic Paintings, we specialize in taking your favorite photos to a whole new level of artistic expression. Our accredited artists will carefully render your photo into a hand-painted work of art. Every detail will be lovingly reproduced, from setting to a sprinkle of freckles on a button nose. Colors, clothing, lighting, and even the complexity of hair coloring, captured for eternity on canvas for generations to admire.

Your loved ones are as important to you as any royal family members, and for the first time in history, you can afford the luxury they enjoy by gracing your home with precious family portraits, together or separately. We will even paint your beloved pets.

Majestic Paintings make a wonderful gift. Imagine the impact of such a lavish Christmas morning surprise for a grandparent, parent, or adult child. An oil portrait of a loved one makes an unforgettable, intensely personal gift that they will talk about and admire for years to come. It's the perfect gift for the person who is difficult to buy for or the person who has everything. It is beyond art, it is a visual documentation of family history and a glowing expression of love for all to see.

We are committed to creating exceptional quality oil portraits, faithfully rendered to the last detail, capturing that special moment for your descendents to cherish for generations. For us, creating art from your memories is as special and unique as the photo -and the memory- is to you.


About Majestic Paintings

Majestic paintings is a "mom and pop" shop that does custom artwork, oil paintings, and paintings from photos. We specialize in family portraits, animals portraits, and more. If you have a question about our work please send us a message here.



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